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Our data protection policy

At Lincs Computers we take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. We take every possible step to ensure the security and privacy of our customer's data and personal details. As such, we have a very strict code of conduct in our workshop.

We guarantee:

  • That all recycled and refurbished hard drives are wiped clean of any personal data before they leave our workshop and any drives sent for recycling are destroyed and rendered unreadable. Drives are wiped to Government standards making data unreadable
  • We do not read, examine, copy or share any personal data on computers brought into our workshop
  • Our customer database is kept secure and no financial/credit card details are never kept on file. We never pass on our custmers details to third parties

Environmental Impact Policy
At Lincs Computers, we have a strict environmental impact policy, designed to minimise our effects on the environment. This includes:

  • We recycle 99.9% of all IT equipment, sending less than 1% to landfill
  • We use recycled packaging that is used over and over again
  • Wherever possible, we support local businesses
  • We have energy reduction systems in place
  • Our office minimises the amount of paper that we use

All our refurbished computers and laptops are security marked and a database of serial numbers is kept in order to prevent fraud. Our customers benefit from our insurance database service, free of charge